Terrestrial Digital TV SFN Project

Service Items
According to customer need and local condition, we offer flexible, economical, effective terrestrial digital TV SFN solution, and provide “one stop” service of network design, onsite survey, construction, coverage test, performance optimization and so on. 
We own self developed transmitter with all kinds of output power, develop SFN adapter and exciter supporting SFN, have rich SFN integration experience, can build up for customer the best quality and the reasonable cost terrestrial digital TV coverage network.
Our digital TV SFN plan complies with the nation SFN technology standard, accurate synchronous network, small deviation, strong compatibility. It can adapt to special network environment, good expansibility, reliability and stability. 

terrestrial digital TV SFN diagram

Project Case
We are the first company in China to offer SFN project construction. Up to now, we have successfully built up different type and size of DTMB and CMMB SFN in Sichuan, Henan, Jiangsu, Shanxi etc., leading the domestic terrestrial digital TV SFN innovation and application. Part of typical project case is as below:

DTMB SFN Project in Chengddu, Sichuan
Carried out in 2009, we offer the whole solution to the SFN, including network plan, design and construction. 
The network covers Chengdu area, 12 stations in total, has 47CH and 49CH frequencies, broadcast several SD TV programs for the fixed and mobile terminal reception in this area.
We carried out the network design and construction according to this special covered area. The network performance complies with design requirement, has good watching effect.
This project was the largest terrestrial digital TV SFN in China at that time, had a positive effect on promoting DTMB terrestrial digital TV SFN application.


DTMB multi-frequencies SFN project in cities of Henan
Carried out in 2011, we supplied all of equipment, in charge of the project construction and service work, like site survey, design, equipment installation and commission, coverage test, personnel training etc.
200W。It adopts 6 frequencies to form network, headend signal is sent by fiber optic to main and auxiliary transmission station. Transmitter at main station is 1KW, and 200W at auxiliary transmission station.
This project is a multi-frequencies SFN. headend equipment has high rate of multiplexing. More programs are played to better meet the same frequency reception need of several TV signals across regions.


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