FM Radio Synchronous Network Project

Service Items
According to customer need, we can make the optimized FM radio synchronous network coverage plan, and offer network design, site survey, project construction, coverage test, network optimization services and so on .
FM radio synchronous network goes through analog system, common source system and the 1st generation digital system etc., at present the 2nd generation digital system has become the main stream. We are the main company leading the 2nd generation digital system.
Our FM radio synchronous network is based on SFN technology, adopts synchronous encoder/decoder and FM digital exciter, achieves”dynamic automatic accurate synchronization ” of audio transmission. The system supports multi links hybrid transmission, time delay. Synchronous modulation specification is raised by 1-2, the construction difficulty is decreased, reliability and maintenance are improved greatly.

Project Case
We are the leading company in China to construct FM radio synchronous network. In recent years the ongoing construction and broadcasting of the 2nd generation FM radio synchronous network are mainly carried out by us, the typical projects are located in Beijing, Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi, Heilongjiang, Gansu, Henan etc. Part of typical projects are as below:
Beijing news radio FM synchronous network
Carried out in 2009, we offered the whole solution and all equipment, in charge of network construction, commissioning etc.
The project is 100.6MHz Beijing news radio to build up a FM synchronous network in Beijing region. Though the setup of FM synchronous network by Fangshan radio/TV station, Miyun radio/TV station, Pinggu radio/TV station, Huairou radio/TV station, Yanqing radio/TV station etc., the synchronous broadcasting in a large region is achieved. 
Since completion of the network, the signal is stable, receiving quality is good across different areas, synchronous network effect completely conforms to design requirement.


Heilongjiang traffic radio FM synchronous network
We designed and offered all the equipment for this project, and responsible for network construction and commissioning;
The project is Heilongjiang FM99.8MHz traffic radio synchronous network to cover the whole province. 41 stations were setup along 5 high-speed roads. It was constructed in 4 phases, the 1st phase was competed in 2007, the following 3 phases were carried out in 2010-2013.
The system adopts digital FM automatic synchronous technology, achieves “automatic accurate synchronization” of transmission signal at all stations; Signal is transmitted by fiber optic and cable, SFN server adopted to guarantee signal source is synchronous. 
The system operates stably since setup, the receiving effect is good. Receiving effect in the interfered area is better than standard.

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