After Sales Service System

Our principle to measure all work is to continuously improve customer satisfaction. In the past few years, we have gradually set up comprehensive after sales service system,  cultivated a lots of experienced technical engineers, forms a complete set of high efficient after sales service system. 

We set up service center, responsible for organizing and managing after sales service. Our R&D, manufacturing, marketing department and so on provide support and coordination to offer best quality service.

Srvice Center Consists of
• call center
• Miyun customer service center
• Anshan customer service center
• The 5 domestic customer technical service regions(East, South, Central, Northwest, Southwest)
• overseas customer technical service department

China Service Hotline: 400-601-0338
Service Items
• accept equipment installation and commission application
• accept equipment fault reporting and repair application
• generation & distribution of service working form, track the whole process
• accept and respond to customer complaints
• customer call follow-up
Customer Call handling System
• automatically obtain the database of customer information and equipment details when customer calling
• Generation, distribution, handling, follow-up, return visit of standardized service working form
• Complete working form type-in, inquiry, retrieval, statistical analysis function

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