With the auspicious speech at "CCBN2015 digital TV Chinese Summit

March 24, by the State Press and Publication Administration of radio, film and television, radio station, CCBN organizing committee co sponsored the "CCBN2015 ninth digital TV China Summit" held in Beijing, augur well for the company with the party was invited to a speech.
The summit was held on the occasion of the upcoming implementation of the Central Radio and television program wireless digital coverage project, SARFT science and technology division, the radio, the Department of science and technology to introduce the project implementation plan and technical programs, the basic public service of radio and television broadcasting the latest policy. Around the radio and television agencies and related enterprises, as well as the industry experts, a total of more than 300 people, on the ground of digital radio and television technology innovation and business development for the exchange and discussion.
Tongfang auspicious Liu Haiyuan deputy general manager to "terrestrial digital TV Broadcasting Coverage Technology Innovation Study" in the title, the Tongfang bode well for digital terrestrial television broadcasting coverage of new technologies and new products, the expression of the wireless radio and television career development for the country to make greater contributions to the confidence.

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