The same side during the 2015 Spring Festival auspicious customer service servic

Dear user:
The Spring Festival is coming, all colleagues with auspicious customer service service department, I wish you a happy new year, sheep!
My company Spring Festival holiday from February 16, 2015 to March 1st. In order to ensure the timely response to customer service requirements during the Spring Festival, do a good job during the holiday transmitter emergency repair work, in addition to 400 all-weather after-sales service phone, we specifically added a 10 straight phone, 24 hours to provide services to users around the clock. Service engineer with auspicious is ready, with the fastest speed for the user to provide satisfactory customer service service.
service call    
400-601-0338 13910295322 18611150412
15941210406 13644223607 13804221328
13910754532 13671116519  
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