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In general, you do not need to provide your name or other personal information to access our Internet site. But sometimes we may need you to provide some information, for example, in order to deal with the order, contact with you, provide booking service or processing work. We may need this information to complete a transaction / transaction processing or provide a better service.
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For the same party auspicious and appropriate mechanism for marketing purposes (if you permit). For anonymous data analysis (e.g., click traffic data). Help the development of our business relationship (if you represent the same good business partners or suppliers).
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When we collect information from you, you can tell us not to use this information for other marketing activities. We will respect your wishes. You can also close the browser in cookie.
Important information
If there is an error in the in the same side good omen record your personal information, corrections, please reply to the sender or messages to be sent to the Marcom_tfjz@tsinghuadtv.com Marcom_tfjz@tsinghuadtv.com
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