Transmitter Brief Introduction

Radio&TV transmitter is our core product, with completely intellectual property right, including the following 3 categories:
DTV Transmitter
Support China DTMB, CMMB standard, and international DVB-T, DVB-T2 standard. Full product model, output power 30W-3KW, with big, medium, small power class, indoor/outdoor, air cooled/liquid cooled product. The product line includes single channel transmitter, broad band transmitter, repeater/gap filler.
FM Radio Transmitter
Adopt solid-state technology and digital FM exciter. Full product model, with big, medium, small power class. Support FM synchronous radio network. Offer analog-digital compatible FM radio transmitter, support China digital radio(CDR) standard and international digital radio standard.
ATV Transmitter
Adopt solid-state technology, full product model, with big, medium, small power class, the biggest power is 30KW(the biggest power ATV transmitter in China). The 10KW or bigger transmitter includes air cooled and liquid cooled product.
Our Transmitter Features
 Core technology and design idea with international standards, the overall performance close to international
     advanced level.
 Technical performance is the best among domestic competitors, hold the No.1 domestic market share.
 Intelligent, digital, network-based, industry-leading innovation and design.
 Multiple redundancy and multiple protection design, the best reliability and   stability in China.
 Hot-swappable, modular, simple maintenance, convenient upgrading.
 High efficient, energy saving, environment friendly, lead "green  wireless" trend.


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